Part of your daily routine

Thousand of teachers incorporate Jody Weissler’s poetry as part of their morning routine.  Each poem become a Poem of the Week and the students look forward to sharing with their parents how they could read the entire poem.

Grade Level

Reading Lists and


Most teachers purchase both of

our Poem of the Week volumes in

order to have a poem for every

week of the school year.  These

poems of the week provide

valuable reading instruction both

in class and at home.  Here is an

example poem of the week that is

just one of the poems that are

included in the two unique

volumes of poetry.

A Year of


Your Poet:  Jody Weissler

Jody Weissler loves all types of poetry. But when it came to teaching poetry with his own classroom he found that some of the most recognized poetry was simply too nonsensical or even too silly to be utilized effectivley in the classroom.  After writing a few poems himself and garnering the feedback of educators around the world. He decided to publish enough poems to create several years worth of curriculum for teachers.  

A Poem of the


A poem for each week.  All year


Did you know?

Our poems are very popular with children, teachers, and their parents. That is why we have created enough poems to not only provide poetry for the school year, but also to have extra poems for holiday breaks, spring break, and summer vacation.
Try a bundle of our poems and be amazed. We encourage every first through third grade teacher to experience our poems.

Students will want to write their

own poems

Jody Weissler’s approach to writing accessible poems encourages students to want to write their own poetry.

Student will recite the poems

throughout the week and take

pride in being able to read entire


Every student will experience success.


Routine that makes sense.

Students need routine.  This routine teaches them how to improve their reading.
Weekly Gains

Each Week students will be more

and more comfortable reading in

front of the class and with

minimal need for teacher/parent

support as the year moves on.