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The Most Recognized Children’s Book Guide, Podcast, and K-12 Reading Source

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Classics for Grades K-3

Aardema, Verna

Why Mosquitos Buzz in People's Ears

Mosquito's silly lie causes many problems for the animals.


Aesop's Fables

61 of Aesop's traditional tales brought to vivid new life by an acclaimed illustrator.

Allard, Harry

Miss Nelson is Missing!

There's something strange about the substitute teacher, Miss Viola Swamp.

Andersen, Hans Christian

Fairy Tales

Read The Ugly Duckling, The Little Mermaid, and other famous tales. There are many great versions to choose from!

Asbjornsen, Peter

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Three brother goats must defeat a mean and ugly troll to get to a grassy meadow.

Baker, Keith

Big Fat Hen

A mama hen counts her ten chicks.

Barrett, Judi

Animals Should Definitely Not Wear Clothing

Can you imagine a snake wearing pants or a porcupine wearing a dress?

Barton, Byron

The Little Red Hen

No one will help the little red hen bake the bread, but everyone wants to help her eat it!

Bemelmans, Ludwig


Even appendicitis can't stop Madeline.

Bornstein, Ruth

Little Gorilla

Growing up isn't so bad when your friends and family love you.

Brown, Marc Tolon

Arthur's Nose

Arthur is unhappy with his long nose and wants to have it changed.

Brown, Marcia

Stone Soup

Can the soldiers really make delicious soup with just stones and water?

Brown, Margaret Wise

Goodnight, Moon

A small rabbit says goodnight to each familiar thing in his room.

Brunhoff, Jean de

Story of Babar

Orphaned Babar becomes king of the elephants.

Burningham, John

Mr. Gumpy's Outing

Mr. Gumpy's boat ride is not at all what he expected.

Burton, Virginia

Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel

Mike and his steam shovel Mary Ann find a small town that needs them.

Carle, Eric

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

A little caterpillar eats his way through everything he sees.

Carlstrom, Nancy White

Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?

Rhyming text describes a young bear's day from morning to bedtime.

Crews, Donald

Freight Train

This colorful train goes through tunnels and over trestles.

De Paola, Tomie

Strega Nona: An Old Tale

Alone with the magic pasta pot, Big Anthony is determined to make it work.

Eastman, P.D.

Are You My Mother?

A baby bird looks everywhere for his lost mother.

Ehlert, Lois

Color Farm

All the animals on this farm are made of colorful shapes.

Flack, Marjorie

Ask Mr. Bear

The animals help Danny find the right present for his mother?

Freeman, Don


A toy bear searches for his missing button and finds what he really wants - a friend.

French, Vivian

The Kingfisher Book of Nursery Tales

Eight favorite tales, such as Little Red Riding Hood and the Three Little Pigs.

Gag, Wanda

Millions of Cats

Can an old man and his wife find just the right cat with so many to choose from?

Galdone, Paul

The Monkey and the Crocodile

Crocodile wants to make a meal of Monkey, but Monkey is much too smart.

Galdone, Paul

The Three Bears

Goldilocks makes a mess in the bears' house.

Grahame, Kenneth

The Reluctant Dragon

Can the boy protect the harmless dragon from St. George the dragon killer?

Hill, Eric

Where's Spot?

Spot is hiding again! Lift the flaps to find him.

Hoban, Russell

Bedtime for Frances

Frances comes up with a lot of schemes to put off going to sleep.

Hoban, Tana

The Look Book

Look through a hole and try to guess what the photo is - then turn the page to find out.

Hutchins, Pat

Rosie's Walk

Rosie doesn't even know that a fox is following her around the farm, but she manages to lead him into trouble anyway.

Johnson, Crockett

Harold and the Purple Crayon

With his imagination and a crayon, Harold can go anywhere.

Kasza, Keiko

The Wolf's Chicken Stew

Wolf's cookies and cakes are meant to fatten up a chicken for his stew, but his plan doesn't quite work out.

Keats, Ezra Jack

Snowy Day

There is nothing as fun as snow in the city.

Kraus, Robert

Leo the Late Bloomer

Leo is afraid that he will never learn to read or write or speak - until one day, he blooms!

Kraus, Robert

Whose Mouse Are You?

Where is the little mouse's family?

Krauss, Ruth

The Carrot Seed

A boy knows his carrot seed will grow.

Krauss, Ruth

A Hole is to Dig

Definitions by the very young for the very young.

Leaf, Munro

The Story of Ferdinand

A peace-loving bull prefers flowers to fame in the bull ring.

Lionni, Leo


Frederick, a poet mouse, stores up something special for the long winter.

lobel, Arnold

Frog and Toad Are Friends

Five tales recount the adventures of two best friends.

Marshall, James

George and Martha

Humorous episodes in the friendship of two not very delicate hippopotami.

Martin, Bill

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

A melodious chant encourages kids to participate in this story.

Martin, Bill Jr. and John Archambault

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

What happens when the whole alphabet tries to climb one coconut tree?

McCloskey, Robert

Blueberries for Sal

While picking berries, Sal and a bear cub almost switch mothers.

McCloskey, Robert

Make Way for Ducklings

Mother Duck brings her ducklings home to the Boston Public Garden.

McDermott, Gerald

Anansi the Spider: a Tale from the Ashanti

Which of Anansi's six sons should receive the beautiful prize?

Milne, A.A.


Pooh tries to get honey, Piglet meets a Heffalump, and Eeyore has a birthday.

Minarik, Else Holmelund

A Kiss For Little Bear

Little Bear's kiss from grandmother gets passed on to him by many animals.

Mosel, Arlene

Tikki Tikki Tembo

When you are calling for help, a short name is better than a long one.

Mother Goose

My Very First Mother Goose Selected by Iona Opie

An exuberant and endearing collection of favorite childhood verses.

Peet, Bill


Don't ask the witch for a change unless you are ready for some surprises.

Piper, Watty

The Little Engine That Could

The tiny train is determined to get the toys over the mountain to the children.

Potter, Beatrix

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Peter disobeys his mother's warning not to go into Mr. McGregor's garden.

Prelutsky, Jack

Random House Book of Poetry for Children

A varied and complete anthology to carry any poetry lover through childhood and beyond, with inventive illustrations on every page.

Rey, H.A.

Curious George

A monkey finds his curiosity gets him into considerable trouble.

Scieszka, Jon

The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

What really happened? Mr. A. Wolf tells the whole story.

Sendak, Maurice

Pierre: a Cautionary Tale

No matter what happens, Pierre doesn't care.

Sendak, Maurice

Where the Wild Things Are

Sent to bed without his supper, Max sails to the land of the wild things.

Seuss, Dr.

The Cat in the Hat

An unusual cat and his tricks liven up a rainy day.

Seuss, Dr.

Horton Hatches the Egg

Horton is faithful one hundred percent as he keeps his promise to sit on the egg.

Shaw, Charles

It Looked Like Spilt Milk

But it wasn't spilt milk. What was it? Can you guess?

Sierra, Judy

Nursery Tales Around the World

Read about runaway cookies and incredible appetites in these 18 simple stories.

Slobodkina, Esphyr

Caps for Sale

Mischievous monkeys steal every one of a peddler's caps while he takes a nap.

Steig, William

Sylvester and the Magic Pebble

Panicked by a lion, Sylvester is granted his wish to be turned into a rock.

Viorst, Judith

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

A litany of disaster during a day when everything goes wrong.

Waber, Bernard.

Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile

Lyle loves living with the Primms on East 88th Street.

Wells, Rosemary

Noisy Nora

How much noise does Nora have to make to get her parents' attention?

Williams, Sue

I Went Walking

When a child goes for a walk, he sees lots of colorful animals.

Wood, Audrey

The Napping House

Everyone is peacefully sleeping, until one tiny flea wakes everybody up.

Yashima, Taro


Will it ever rain so that Momo can use her birthday present?

Zion, Gene

Harry the Dirty Dog

Is Harry a white dog with black spots or a black dog with white spots?