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The Most Recognized Children’s Book Guide, Podcast, and K-12 Reading Source

Eighth Grade Reading List

Allison, Jennifer

Gilda Joyce: Psychic Investigator

Anderson, Laurie



Beyond the Western Sea

Barrett, Tracy

Anna of Byzantium

Bauer, Joan

Hope Was Here

Brooks, Bruce

The Moves Make the Man: A Novel

Childress, Alice

Rainbow Jordan

Crew, Linda

Children of the River

Crutcher, Chris

Staying Fat For Sarah Byrnes

Fleischman, Paul

A Fate Totally Worse Than Death

Goldman, E. M.

Getting Lincoln’s Goat

Hesse, Karen

The Music of Dolphins

Hesser, Terry

Spencer Kissing Doorknobs

Hobbs, Will


Koller, Jackie French

A Place to Call Home

Lackey, Mercedes


LeGuin, Ursula

A Wizard of Earthsea

Lipsyte, Robert

The Contender

Lynch, Chris

Slot Machine

Marsden, John

Letters From the Inside

Matas, Carol

After the War

Mazer, Norma Fox

Taking Terri Mueller

McKinley, Robin


Meltzer, Brad

Identity Crisis

Mooney, Bel

Voices of Silence

Mori, Kyoko

One Bird

Napoli, Donna Jo


Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds


Peck, Richard

The Last Safe Place on Earth

Powell, Randy

Three Clams and an Oyster

Stahler, David


Strasser, Todd

How I Spent My Last Night On Earth

Vande, Vivian Velde

Companions of the Night

Weaver, Elizabeth


Weaver, Will

Farm Team

White, Robb


Willey, Margaret

Facing the Music

Woodson, Jacqueline

I Hadn’t Meant To Tell You This