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The Most Recognized Children’s Book Guide, Podcast, and K-12 Reading Source

Historical Fiction for Grades K-3


Finding Providence

After her father must flee the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1635 due to his belief in Indian rights and religious freedom, Mary Williams worries she'll never see him again.

Bandy, Michael

White Water

Based on an experience he had as a child at a Blacks Only drinking fountain, the author explores segregation in the South.

Bartone, Elisa

Peppe the Lamplighter

Peppe is so young that the only job he can get is lighting street lamps in Little Italy.

Brenner, Barbara

Wagon Wheels

An African American pioneer family faces great hardship in their Kansas dugout.

Bunting, Eve

Pop's Bridge

It took lots of people with all kinds of different jobs to build the spectacular Golden Gate Bridge.

Bunting, Eve

Train to Somewhere

Traveling westward with thirteen other orphans, Marianne hopes to find a family to care for her.

Chandra, Deborah

George Washington's Teeth

Find out the true story of our first president's chompers in this funny rhyming tale.

Coerr, Eleanor

The Josefina Story Quilt

Though Josefina the hen is too old to lay eggs, she is useful on the long trip West.

Connor, Leslie

Miss Bridie Chose a Shovel

When Miss Bridie comes to America in 1856, she uses the shovel she brings with her throughout all the years of her life in a new land.

Corey, Shana

You Forgot Your Skirt, Amelia Bloomer!

Amelia Bloomer was NOT a proper lady - and that's a good thing!

Fleming, Candace

Boxes for Katje

Dutch village during the hard times after WWII.

Hesse, Karen

The Cats in Krasinski Square

Cats play an amazing role in helping Jews in Warsaw smuggle food to their families and friends who live behind the high wall of the Ghetto.

Hopkinson, Deborah

Under the Quilt of Night

Runaway slaves encounter many dangers, and some kindnesses, following the Underground Railroad to freedom.

Johnson, Dolores

Now Let Me Fly: The Story of a Slave Family

What was it really like to be kidnapped as a girl in Africa and brought to America to become a slave?

Kay, Verla

Covered Wagons, Bumpy Trails

When a family leaves Missouri, they have to ride on their covered wagon over mountains and through rivers to reach California.

Kay, Verla

Tattered Sails

Experience a family's hardship as they journey from their homeland in a small ship over stormy waters to start life anew in America in 1600.

Levine, Ellen

Henry's Freedom Box

Henry packs himself in a box and mails himself out of slavery and into freedom.

Levitin, Sonia

Nine for California

Five kids, four adults, and Mama's mysterious bag on a stagecoach for 21 days.

Littlefield, Holly

Fire at the Triangle Factory

Two girls working in a factory barely escape the deadly fire of 1911.

McCully, Emily Arnold

Mirette on the High Wire

In 19th century Paris, Mirette dreams of walking the tightrope.

McKissack, Patricia C.

Goin' Someplace Special

There is one place in 'Tricia Ann's city where people of all races are welcome, and she's going there today.

Monjo, F.N.

The Drinking Gourd

Tommy breaks the law to help slaves escape to freedom on the undergound railroad.

Polacco, Patricia

The Butterfly

Monique doesn't know that her mother is hiding a family of Jews from the Nazis until she is visited one night by the daughter, Sevrine.

Say, Allen

Grandfather's Journey

How is it possible to love one country so much, and be so homesick for another?

Turner, Ann Warner

Dust for Dinner

After the dust storms of the 1930s destroy their farm, Jake and his family move from Oklahoma to California.

Uhlberg, Myron

Dad, Jackie, and Me

For a young boy and his deaf father, Jackie Robinson is the most important part of the 1947 baseball season.

Wiles, Deborah

Freedom Summer

In the summer of 1964, historic national events are seen through the eyes of two best friends, John Henry and Joe.

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